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Aug 17, 2013 6:30pm EDT
. that really have a lot to meaning to us. we have great sympathy for the fact this is a complicated process that they are going through. what we have asked of the fcc commissioner is more transparency, more engagement. it might be conventional wisdom that broadcasters would want to stop this. i think it is in our interest to accelerate this while still getting it right. this has enormous consequence to the nation that there is a dedicated and healthy broadcast dedicated to broadcasting if we are serious about preserving video on a large scale that is free and local. these things are hugely important to people in the information age, people still care about the big screens and watching their sporting events and getting emergency information and staying up with the news bit it comes from broadcasting. in a very significant way. we gave up a lot of spectrum were from analog to digital. we are being asked for more. it is important to understand the broadband community has twice as much spectrum as we do. they want more of hours. wille most, this auction add to their holdings. it will require yo
Aug 24, 2013 6:30pm EDT
on the smartphone for a minute, giving it more capabilities and more intelligence in a way that is easier to use. picking a smartphone that is aware to some extent, not in a human sense, but aware of its surroundings, aware of what is going on. today, for instance, motorola which is now owned by google is announcing a new smartphone that it says can automatically adjust senses that when it it is in a moving car, when it senses that it is in your pants pocket. it will shut down the screen and other functions to save battery turned it senses it is screen down on a table or in your pocket. you can pull it out of your pocket and adjust by twisting your wrist it will immediately turn the camera on even before you have unlocked the phone or press any button of any kind or an icon, done any swipe on the screen or anything. of those are examples something that i think can get much bigger, which is phones, tablets, wearable devices, using accelerometers, gyroscopes, and new kinds of sensors that maybe can detect body heat or body function to do different things. we have a lot of stuff going on in technol
Aug 3, 2013 6:30pm EDT
provider. >> senator mark pryor is joining us this week on "the communicators." your full committee recently approved tom wheeler to the sec. senator cruz,, has talked about putting a hold on that nomination. any word on that right now? >> we are working on that. the may 1 say, thank you for having me on. people in arkansas to watch c- span lot, i want to thank c-span for what they do. back to the tom wheeler nomination, basically there is sentiment within the senate that we ought to repair this with the republican nominee. have acans would like to republican to go alongside the process. the problem is the we have not thecially released republican name that they want nominated. hopefully we will get this done quickly and senator rockefeller has said this publicly that he wanted to expedite that. my view is that you do not have to pare them. it ink that if we can do such a way that it does not , it will beme protracted and i would go ahead to try to get tom wheeler on. >> one of the concerns expressed was about restricting political speech. >> i do not really share the concern. job,
Aug 5, 2013 8:00am EDT
[applause] >> booktv is on facebook. like us to interact with booktv guests and viewers, watch videos and get up-to-date information on events. >> you've been watching booktv, 48 hours of book programming beginning saturday morning at 8 eastern through monday morning at 8 eastern. nonfiction books all weekend, every weekend right here on c-span2. >> up next, "the communicators" talks with arkansas senator mark pryor, chairman of the senate subcommittee on communications. talk about issues including broadband and cell phone access in rural areas and reauthorization of a law that allows satellite operators to send distant signals to subscribers who can't receive them from their local affiliates. then a house oversight subcommittee examines a government rule authorizing tax credits for americans who buy health insurance through federally-run exchanges. and later, live coverage from the brookings institution as u.s. trade representative michael froman and others discuss extending a law that adds incentives to african countries that trade with the u.s. >> c-span
Aug 12, 2013 8:00pm EDT
crime of human trafficking. in so many ways, today's a.b.a. is reminding us that although our laws must be continually updated, our shared dedication to the cause of justice and the ideals set forth by our constitution must remain constant. it is this sense of dedication that brings me to san francisco today, to enlist your partnership in forging a more just society. to ask for your leadership in reclaiming once more the values we haled hold dear. and to draw upon the a.b.a.'s legacy of achievement in calling on every member of our profession to question that which is accepted truth, to challenge that which is unjust, to break free of a tired status quo, and to take bold steps to reform and strengthen america's criminal justice system in concrete and fundamental ways. it is time to address persistent needs and unwarranted disparities by considering a fundamentally new approach. as a prosecutor, judge, and attorney in private practice, i have seen the criminal justice system firsthand in nearly every angle. while i have the jut most faith and dedication to america's legal system, we must
Aug 10, 2013 6:30pm EDT
in general. we have two guests joining us this week. we want to introduce you to alan mutter. insulting,spaper lecturer at the university of california-berkeley on media consultant, lecturer at the university of california-berkeley on media economics. also joining us from our new york studio is edmund lee, the media reporter for bloomberg news. mr. lee, if we could start with you. how big a deal is this sale? in secularig deal terms, at least. in terms of numbers and finance, $250 million is not a lot of money. compared to other media deals, it is pretty small. it is more the fact that it is "the washington post," the storied newspaper. and jeff bezos, on the other side of the country, who is a well-known internet billionaire. despite the fact that he tends to be press shy. it is the secular interest of the big names behind it. interest in this deal outside of washington and outside of media circles? >> i think the fact that there are probably -- almost everyone at this country has come across amazon, bought something, or been aware of it will get main street's attention. the focus is t
Aug 31, 2013 6:30pm EDT
. product quality which is what i care about and ease of use, those are the things i care about. a company may have a great product and not be very well organized and marketing and selling. it may not have enough financial backing to carry it through to its full potential. the company may have an inferior product and be great at marketing. or the public might disagree with me and it is a free country and it is a great ink. important is the venture capital world to technology? >> it is very important and one of the reasons that innovation in technology is an area in which this country leaves -- leads because it is easier to get funding for a product here than almost any other country. venture capital for those who do not know is where people invest in a fund that is managed by a venture capital firm and then the venture capitalist startupse that fund to or in some cases established companies looking for new money. stock risest, the or the company get sold any premium. the fund makes money and the investors make money. the point is you can make a a vc firm andirm, they will take a risk in a
Aug 5, 2013 8:00pm EDT
. for a dvd copy of this program called 1-877-662-7726. >> host: senator mark pryor is joining us for the chair of the commerce subcommittee on communications technology and the internet. senator pryor or full committee approved tom wheeler to be sec nominee. senator cruise your colleague is talked about putting a hold on that nomination. is there any word on that right now? >> guest: let me first say thank you for having me on. it's great to be on the show and let me say thank you to c-span for all the public-interest broadcasting they do. it's great and i know you don't believe this but people people say i saw you on c-span so i want to thank c-span. let me get back to the tom wheeler nomination. basically there is a sentiment within the senate that we ought to compare this with the republican nominee. the republicans would like to have a republican to go alongside to the process. the problem is we have not at least officially and i hear rumors but officially we have not received a republican name of who they would like to nominate so i understand maybe in the process and i don'
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8